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Things to do in Reykjavik City

Things to do In Reykjavik City


Reykjavik is an awesome city, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The City is located on the edge of the Tjornin lake with Mount Esja dominating the skyline.

In addition to the beautiful landscape, the city boasts interesting quaint shops, landmarks and plenty of things to do.

We drove the car into the city and parked in the City Centre parking is easy to find and was also surprisingly cheap!




The Church of Hallgrimur, named after a Icelandic poet stands guard over Reykjavik City.  The designer was the winner of a competition set by the parliament he designed it to look like the Icelandic Landscape. The large columns running the sides of the church are similar to the Basalt Columns that have formed on Reynisfjara Beach on the South Coast Iceland.

At the top is a 360 degree viewing platform with excellent views of the city there is also a marvelous organ and intricate designs to look out for.

The Church is a fully working church, check out the entry prices, opening times and events here.

I was lucky enough to get this picture of the back of the church as the sun came out!



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City Centre Shops


Shopping is high up on travelers lists when they hit a city. It is always good fun to check out the weird and wonderful produce and grab a magnet for a friend at home!

There are lots of shops selling Icelandic Wools, yarns and furs. there are also lots of tourist shops with various Viking shaped goodies!

You will also find a Tourist Office that can help with booking trips and giving directions!

Most importantly you will find some Vinbudin shops! These are government-owned alcohol shops, in Iceland alcohol above 2.2% cannot be sold in supermarkets/grocery shops. Another tip for alcohol buying would be to check the prices before you buy in  restaurants and other establishments as it could be pretty heavily taxed.



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The Lake and Sun Voyager


We headed down to the Tjornin lake to where the Sun Voyager stands. there are other sculptures to see along the shore walk but this one is the most impressive with the beautiful background.

The sculpture is thought of as a Viking ship by many visitors however the sculptor described it as a dreamboat or ode to the sun.

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The Harpa Concert Hall


The Concert Hall is along the shore to the left Voyager from the picture above. The hall’s architecture is an impressive glass structure which reflects the landscape around it. At night it can be seen lit up!

The Hall hosts the fashion festival and is the venue for Sonar Reykjavik electronic music festival!


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Eat, Eat, Eat!!


The food is expensive in Iceland and although I am a pretttty tight traveler you have to enjoy some local dishes!

There are some good value places in the centre, we stumbled across the Icelandic Street Food restaurant which only served a handful of local dishes such as a lamb soup served in a big bread bun, Icelandic pancakes and Icelandic rock cakes.

The Hot dog is also a staple Icelandic food, there are plenty of stands around to choose from!

The Fish and Chips stand at the old harbor, boasting Icelandic Quality from a British Tradition!

have a look for the street Austurstaeti Langastett, if you are looking for a taste from home, this street had an irish bar (I have figured there is always an Irish Bar whatever City you are in!) An American Diner and a Pizzarette Bistro.



Old Harbour


The Old Harbour is where the majority of the booths for the Whale Watching and Puffin Tours are located and start from. Depending on the season it may be best to book this in advance if it is on your to do but if not head down and purchase one here.

The Sjominjasafnid – The Reykjavik Maritime Museum exhibits how the ocean formed a nation. Check out the opening times, prices and events here! 

Visit Valdis, the well-known Ice cream shop in front of the Maritime Museum for some Vegan Friendly yumminess!

Lastly the restaurants around this area smell divine! I hadn’t headed into any as I was stuffed full of hot dog but I definitely checked out the menus!


Outside Reykjavik City


All these things to do in Reykjavik City took us a day and we had the evening to get back to the airport!

However, we wanted to make one more stop at an awesome remote place that I had stumbled across when doing my own research into this trip!



The Bridge Between Continents


Reykjanes is close to the airport so we left it til the end of the trip on the way to the airport before we dropped off the car.

The Reykjanes Peninsula lies on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Where the Eurasian and North American Tectonic Plates are moving apart.

 Leif the Lucky Bridge is 15 foot and spans the fissure caused by the plates moving. At one end it has a sign with Welcome to America and the other Welcome to Europe!

It was quiet and there wasn’t many people there it is a rural area.

I took the opportunity for a photo and climbed down the side into the fissure!



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There are so many awesome things to do in Reykjavik City, Pin any of the images or the below to read again later!!

Check out my Golden Circle Post here for another great day in Iceland



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