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One Day Extended Iceland South Coast Road Trip

Iceland South Coast Road Trip from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón.

The South Coast of Iceland is incredible and a must do on any trip to Iceland!


This trip was one of my favourite travelling experiences the trip encompasses stunning waterfalls, Black Sand Beaches and a Glacier Lagoon!


Starting off in Central Reykjavik we left at 07:00AM as there was so much we wanted to get in today! Below is the route and stops we took.


Yes! it does say over 10 hours! this is a big trip, Usual Iceland South Coast trips stop at Vik, a round trip to Vik and back is  5.5 hours without stops. We continued as the Diamond Beach and Jökulsárlón was too good to miss and I would recommend getting some good music and snacks and doing it also.


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Iceland South Coast Itinerary

1. Seljalandfoss Waterfall

2. Skogafoss Waterfall

3. Vik

4. Dylhoreay

5. Reynisfjara Beach

6. Jökulsárlón and Diamond Beach



Seljalandfoss Waterfall



Leaving this early and driving careful because of the snowfall we arrived just as it turned light! it pays to be up early as ours was one of the three cars in the parking area!


Iceland, Waterfall, Seljalandfoss, Road Trip, South Coast



Seljalandfoss Waterfall is a 60 Metre high fall. Selalandfoss has the awesome feature of being able to walk behind the fall, this was pretty tricky in the ice!


Waterfall, Iceland, Seljalandfoss, Road Trip, South Coast


I am stood on the small bridge viewpoint in the photo above, there are also some steps to climb in which you get the angle in the second photo. Continue walking past the waterfall for 500 metres and there are smaller waterfalls to enjoy.





Skogafoss was the second stop on our South Coast Road Trip and this waterfall was beautiful, there is so much spray coming from the bottom that you can catch rainbows reflecting in the light, I was too busy throwing the snow around!


Skogafoss, Iceland, South Coast, Road Trip,




Skogafoss Waterfall, iceland, road trip, south coast, waterfall




Iceland South Coast Road Trippers usually stop in Vik, a seafront town that is the biggest for miles around. This is a good place to fill up with petrol apart from filling up we didn’t spend much time in the town itself the areas around and close by were what we wanted to see!


Dyrholaey & Reynisfjara Beach


We headed down the long drive to the coast and on to Reynisfjara Beach where the black sand started to appear! We parked up at the visitors centre and headed straight on to the beach!


The first time I had seen a black sand beach that dark! I have been on Piha Beach in New Zealand which is also Black Sand, however with the snow as a comparison the Reynisfjara sand looked awesome!


Reyjavik, Iceland, Beach, South, Roadtrip, travel




After being in awe of the sand you begin to notice the ferocious sea crashing in the background! The waves were massive! There were many warning signs placed around, that the waves were known as sneaker waves. This type of wave is dangerous as they can become very large and pull people back in! Have a look at a video I found showing a compilation of sneaker wave’s here!



Black Sand, Iceland, Reynsifara, Reykjavik, Road Trip, Travel




Reynisfjara is an awesome beach it is also surrounded by beautiful natural basalt columns. These are column like rock formations formed from Basalt Lava cooling. They also carry some pretty cool folklore stories, one such says that they were trolls that tried to pull ships out of the sea but they were frozen solid when the dawn arose!



Basalt Collums, Trolls, Reynsifara, beach, black sand, waves, south, iceland, travel





We finished at the beach at around 14:30PM. This is when we decided whether we should take the extra 2 and a half hour trip to Jokulsarlon and Diamond Beach, we knew we would be driving home in the dark but we had heard so much about it that we needed to go and see it!




The drive to Jökulsárlón is long I won’t lie! There are lots of beautiful views and so much landscape on the way down it is not boring in the slightest! At one point we were driving parallel to a large bridge seemingly unused we saw some boards and bridge construction we stopped and checked it out! Turns out that it was The Skeiðará Bridge Monument, in 1996 the close by volcano erupted and melted portions of the glacier sending huge icebergs down tearing the bridge apart! Pretty awesome!



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I can honestly say that Jökulsárlón was one of the most awe-inspiring and fantastic sights I have ever visited. The sight of the seals swimming gracefully around huge Ice glaciers, in a beautiful lagoon, in the snow, is up there as one of my favourite.


Iceland, Reykjavik, Road trip, South Coast, Jolkurslaron


Glacier, Iceland, Reykjavik, Jolkursalon



Truly Breathtaking!


Diamond Beach


Opposite the jokulsarlon glacier is another car park and this is where the Diamond Beach is located, another natural phenomenon. Honestly, Iceland is the gift that keeps on giving!


Diamond Beach, Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland Travel, Glacier, ice sculpture



The diamonds (the ice) on the beach is all different shapes and sizes, some are transparent, some icy white it is breathtaking. There is such a wow factor to walking around this beach and apparently the ice changes all the time, I have had a look at images from different times in the year, sometimes they are huge and sometimes small! Here are some of the Ice formations I found!


Diamond Beach, Ice Sculpture, Glacier, Ice beach


The way home!


After saving the best until last we started the trip back to our accommodation. We knew we would be driving back in the dark so we drove home keeping our eyes on the sky…. Stay tuned for the post with details on this!

Iceland South Coast is an awesome trip make sure not to miss it!


More stops on the Iceland South Coast Road Trip!


  • Hotel Ranga -First hotel to become a member of the Great Hotels of The World check it out here.


  • Solheimasandur Plane crash – 1973 US Navy DC plane crash site.


  • Vestmannaeyjar – The Westman Islands has the largest colony of Puffins in the world, have a look here!


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