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Blue Lagoon Tips – Top Tips for Visiting the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Tips


The Blue Lagoon was an unforgettable experience I would 100% recommend to anyone visiting Iceland!


 These are the tips I believe that will help you have the best time!


  • Book in advance!


Pre booking is required for the Blue Lagoon. This is the number one tourist activity in Iceland and therefore sadly it can get quite busy. When you know the dates you will be there do not hesitate to book it in! Note that prices are increasing on the 1st of March 2018, You can book your trip to the Blue Lagoon here!


  • What time do you want to be there?


Think about the time you visit the lagoon. The Lagoon is open during the day and some nights open until midnight! You have unlimited time in the lagoon so my top tip would be to go an hour or two before sunrise or sunset so you can enjoy the Lagoon in both day and night settings. There are common areas and walking areas around the lagoon to relax so you do not have to be in the water for this long.


  • What to take?


  1. Swimming Costume –  perhaps the most important as there is no naked swimming in the pool!
  2. Towel –  Some packages include a towel and dressing gown but the standard package doesn’t, you can hang them up near the pool.
  3. Waterproof Camera –  Cameras are allowed in the water, lots of people had their phone with them I would suggest using a waterproof case or camera.
  4. Water – Keep hydrated! there is a small café outside and a bar in the pool but if you are looking to save on cost take this along for after. There is a tap under the bridge with cold fresh water to drink so you do not need to take it in with you.
  5. Sunglasses – If the sun is out the light reflection can be considerably annoying


  • What about my Hair?


What about Conditioner I hear you thinking!? Shower gel and conditioner are both provided in the shower area there is no need!, take advantage of this and lather up your hair.

The Silica in the water is not harmful to your hair however the geothermal seawater turns it into what I can only describe as cotton wool! it becomes really stiff and feels terrible! get a load of that conditioner in before and after to try save this from happening!


Shower caps are available for rent and are also sold at the lagoon shop I would recommend using one if you plan on laying with your head in or have particularly damaged hair. There is hairdryers to use free of charge in the changing rooms.


  • Remove Jewellery


Take all jewellery off before you get in the pool, the active ingredients in the lagoon can clog up and react with different metals. You can store these in your locker.


  • Contact Lenses


The Blue Lagoon recommend to take out contact lenses and I have read that other people have had problems with them. I wore my contact’s in the pool, the water is still and you shouldn’t get splashed. It is up to you to do what you think is best!


  • Free Silica Mud!


Take advantage of the free Silica Mud, it is great for your pores and has been known to help with skin conditions such as psoriasis.


  • Kids?


Kids above the age of two are welcome at the Blue Lagoon. They are reminded to be well behaved as the main reason to come to the pool is to relax! Children under 8 have to wear armbands these are free to borrow at the entrance to the pool.



Lastly, listen to these tips, relax and enjoy this stunning and surreal place!


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