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Iceland Weekend The Blue Lagoon Experience

My Blue Lagoon Experience


The Blue Lagoon is on every travel Bucket list surely?


Floating around in a heated, outside, icy blue coloured pool with swim up bars, surrounded by snow top mountains?  It sounds as good as it was!


The Blue Lagoon is the focus point of many photos and trips to Iceland and it is so easy to see why!



What is The Blue Lagoon?


The Blue Lagoon is a Geothermal Hotspot that has been turned into a beautiful Spa!


The Blue Lagoon formed as result of an operation at the Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant nearby in 1976.


The pool itself is man-made after people started bathing in the Lagoon. They realized that the minerals in the water was fantastic for their skin. By 1987 the first public bathing facilities opened and skin care products launched.


Nowadays it has become the most popular and iconic tourist attractions of Iceland.


The Spa is complete with a retail shop, Diner, Fancy Restaurant and further Spa facilities including Massages. I was there in November 2017 and they were in process of building a hotel on site!


The Blue Lagoon Experience


First of all the Blue Lagoon is located in Grindavik which is around 20 Minutes from the airport and 45 minutes from Reykjavik Town centre.


Lots of posts I have read recommend to go either side of arriving or departing Iceland. I totally agree! This easily saves any duplication of travel and wasting any time! we went straight from the airport after picking up our rental car, obviously be sure to leave time for any delays. if you have not rented


The most important thing to know about the Blue Lagoon is that it has to be pre booked, so make sure you pick a time you are 100% able to make! They give you a grace period of an hour, so our slot was entry from between 2PM and 3PM. If you are looking to book the Blue Lagoon this is the official website.


Parking is free and there is a larger storage facility at the car park for Luggage and larger bags, you can take smaller bags up to the main entrance with you, there is also a toilet in this building aswell.


Walking past the luggage storage to the main entrance you get your first glimpses of the icy blue and white coloured water and you can have a small walk around and get lots of photos from the outside, this is not a bathing area so there is no one in here! Great for a photo opportunity.



Once inside, they checked our paperwork and were given a wristband with an electronic tag on, this gets you through the gates, locks and opens the lockers and also works as your tab whilst inside!


Head through to the changing rooms which are particularly stylish! Lots of open plan changing areas with a few private areas. After showering (you have to get naked for this) and lathering our hair with conditioner we were super excited to get in!


The water is super hot but you adjust to it really quickly! It was so relaxing, there are deeper areas to go too at most 1.40M and more shallow areas to sit at 90CM. There are also security/lifeguards wandering around the waters edge.


There are maps of the lagoon to show what is in each area, there is a waterfall, swim up bar and bridges to float under!


There are differences in the package types, some include slippers, robes and more depending on the package you purchased at time of booking. I had the standard package which included entrance and a Silica mud mask. These are situated around the pool and there is a ladle you can use scoop some out and pop on your face!




There is no time limit to how long you spend in the pool and surrounding areas and I spent around 2 hours floating around this little piece of paradise!



When you jump out it is pretty cold! So get wrapped up in your towel and back in to the hot showers and changing rooms! There is free hairdryers and mirrors to use, take advantage of these, especially if it is cold outside!


I would recommend taking some time to chill out at the food area for a while before you head off, grab a drink and stay rehydrated, I did and didn’t experience any problems, some posts I have read said they rushed off and felt a bit queasy afterwards.


The Blue Lagoon experience is a must do on a trip to Iceland! If I head back I would definitely go again!


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