Full Time Worker, Part Time Wanderer




I’m Rebbecca Page and welcome to my little space of internet!


On my blog I will be writing posts about my experiences travelling in different destinations. I will also be including some travel hacks, tips and reviews for where I have been! Lets be honest there will definitely be some stories on the ridiculous and outrageous events that have happened to me!

I am not a full time traveler (though this is of course the dream) I have travelled on and off and then solidly for a year and a half. I am currently at home in sunny England working in Human Resources. I am making the most of annual leave and always working on my next adventure! Hopefully my blog will provide insights on how to make the most of your time and be able to do the same!


Growing up, I have been lucky enough to visit some awesome places on family holidays, so traveling became an important part of my life, since then my passion has never gone away! In fact the more places I visit, the itchier the feet!!

Pages of the World has been created as the lovechild of my passion for travel and want to tell other people about the fantastic places we have in the world! Hopefully you will find the inspiration and information needed to go and see for yourselves!




Switzerland, Statue, Selfie, Lake Geneva, Geneva


Fun Facts about me!


  • I Love food – though this may be obvious
  • I believe I can speak French – more so when I am drunk
  • In fact I’ll give the local language a go wherever I am!
  • I am scared of moths… and butterflies
  • I have an Accounting degree
  • I was a lifeguard for a long period!
  • I love to read!
  • I have two younger brothers one of whom I have travelled for 3 Months with!


Where Have I been?


‘I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list!’




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